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Hi everyone,

Last month of the year already, how time flies.

I’ve been evaluating this blog which I have been writing for almost 5 years now and decided that this will be the final one on here. It’s time for a chance and to try something new. I could be wrong but think this blog is not adding much to what is already posted on social media so therefore redundant.

But no need to be sad….This is not a goodbye it’s see you on another platform soon. We’re still continuing our fan club activities on our Facebook group and Twitter page and we might even expand it to other social media soon. I will keep this blog online for archive purposes though.

To keep up to date of any official News from Neil you can watch Neil’s official renewed website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So plenty of choice to keep up to date!

In case you have missed the latest news on social media here’s a reminder:

February 16 2019 Neil is doing a solo acoustic show in the UK, in Brafield-on-the-Green (near Northampton).

There are only very limited tickets available (only 38 left when writing this blog) so get your tickets now before it’s sold out.

Get your tickets HERE

Thanks for all your support to Neil and the Fan Club and I hope you will continue doing so.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Rock on!

Winny x

And if you can’t wait to read more news and to hear his plans for next year…here’s for the last time on this platform a message from the man himself.

Neil’s Blog:

Merry Xmas everyone.

Just back for Japan. Writing with famous artist/guitarist Char. It was great being there & hanging out with old friends i hadn’t seen in 16 years! More news on this in the coming months.

I did TV show in Vienna which went well. The single is picking up good airplay there which is great news. The Austrian tour will start mid May..I will have dates up early next year as we are still adding & waiting for confirmations.

The new album will be called Come Out Of The Silence.. It was Steve’s idea to call it that. Makes a change from calling album after a song title. Though it is a line from the song Everyone’s A Star! The album is mainly songs i wrote with Steve. It will be out in spring next year. I’m hoping Paper Kite will open a few doors. It has had excellent views on youtube & has surpassed any video i have done my far.

I would love to be touring more..Lets see what the future holds.

Once again i’d like to thank everyone for their ongoing support. See you next year.

Neil x



When I became a fan of Neil (by Winny)

Being always more of a rock and punk music lover, being a fan of Robbie Williams was kind of guilty pleasure for me.
It all started with hearing Robbie’s song Rock DJ on the radio, which later I heard was the very first Robbie song Neil played on. Probably no coincidence.

After seeing Robbie Williams live for the first time in 2006 I also saw Neil play his guitar for the first time. Of course I liked the guitar solo’s but it wasn’t that I became an instant fan of Neil then. (Sorry Neil…).

Being a fan of Neil started for me when someone at a Robbie forum referred to Neil’s blog on his Silvermusic website. So there I was at a typical cold, wet and boring Dutch winter day at the end of 2006 when I decided to type in in my old computer and see what his blog and website was all about.
I saw some streaming tracks that could be listened to and could be downloaded as well. So for the fun of it I had a listen…thinking it was probably only guitar riffs on it, but since I had nothing else to do and I was curious I had a listen. First song I listened to was Chasing Butterflies (electric version!)…….it was like someone hit me with a hamer….blown away I was! I didn’t expect any singing on it, but there it was….what a great and very special sound! My rock heart started to bloom again and I knew this was the music for me! So I listened to the other songs and they almost all blew my mind! Wow…..I couldn’t believe this brilliant music wasn’t out there for more people to be heard.

So I started to talk about it on Robbie Williams forums and making special threads about him and later on MySpace. Yes people…MySpace was IT and hot back then.
I started with a MySpace group and later with another fan i made a MySpace fan page. I remember asking Neil if he was okay with that, i remember him saying: “sure, do whatever you want.” I knew he was flattered but didn’t take it all that serious what we were doing, I guess neither were we at the beginning. I think nor him or me would expect it to last such a long time but determined I can be about things I love, I became very serious about it and set myself an almost utopian dream, that I presume even Neil didn’t have back then: that was seeing his own music officially released see him perform his own songs live as frontman of his own band. By that time I was managing the fan club on my own again.

In 2007 the MySpace page wasn’t enough to get all the photo’s and video’s etc. stored, so I started the official fan club website which lasted for 6 years, until last year, when I decided it was not needed anymore and it was taking up to much of my time.
I think by the time I started the fan club website Neil knew I was not going to quit and he wasn’t getting rid of me anytime soon……522250_298509426889484_37459312_n_zpsa0f64c4a

Winny x



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