A Better World Tour 2017 (On tour with Chris de Burgh band)

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Canada 2017 …please sent us your photo’s to be placed here! email them to: neiltaylorfanclub@hotmail.com 


Görlitz 01-07-2017. Photo’s by Eva Toroczkay

Heilbronn 20-06-2017. Photo’s by Veronika Klement & Ulrike-Anna Scneider

Frankfurt 28-05-2017 and Baden-Baden 29-05-2017. Photo’s by Veronika Klement

Stuttgart 22 may 2017. Photo’s by Veronika Klement

Halle 19 may 2017. Photo’s by Veronika Klement and Angela Ficker

Wetzlar 16-may-2017. Photo’s by Johannes Napp (Slideshow)

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Berlin 08-05-2017. Photo’s by Bärbel.


Hannover 06-05-2017. Photo’s by Eva, Anja, Tanja and Veronika (slideshow)

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Osnabruck 5 may 2017. Photo’s by Sarah Kwekkeboom and Angela Ficker (slideshow)

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Amsterdam 28-29 april 2017 photo’s by Winny, Eva, Veronika, Bärbel (slideshow)

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Liverpool 23-04-2017. Photo’s by Gail James (slideshow)

Gateshead 18-04-2017. Photo’s by Angela Ficker

Dublin 16-04-2017. photo’s by Birte Rohwer