Merry Xmas, happy new year and a message from Neil

Hi Everyone,

Another year has gone by and we’re looking at 2017 already.

This year had his highs and lows…It had a sad start because of the passing of Steve Torch, Neil’s songwriting partner and good friend, last year december.He still is sadly missed. On a happier note this year was also the year of  Neil’s and Sachi’s wedding in september. We couldn’t think of a lovelier couple!  Then we had the release of a new song: Your very own Rockstar, which is a good taster of what’s in store for the new album in 2018. And of course we could enjoy Neil doing what he does best,playing at any of his live shows with and without his band, and as no suprise he gained some new fans from it as well.

So what’s up for next year:

Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the fanclub! We will be celebrating this by posting photo’s video’s and memories from the past year on our facebook group and some of it here. Each month we highlight another year starting in 2007. You can also join the fun and dig up your old photo’s, video’s and memories from the past 10 year of Neil and the fanclub to post it next year when we launch the celebrations. If you are one of the few that doesn’t have facebook but still want to sent us your photo’s etc to be posted on this blog, you can send it to the usual address:

Further we’re looking into the possibilities of another fan meeting to celebrate the 10th anniversary, subscribe to this blog to keep updated about any events.

Sadly next year there won’t be much or any solo shows by Neil, because Neil is touring with Chris de Burgh. So if you want to see him play live and say hi to him after the shows check the Chris de Burgh website for touringdates.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a hugh thank you to Eva who is running the facebookgroup with never ending enthusiasm and perserverance and always has some new ideas lined up for the fanclub. Thank you Eva, i couldn’t do without your help! Then i want to thank all the fans old and new that stick by Neil and the fan club and for their great taste in music! And a special thank you to the street team members who joined us in our monthly missions on social media for taking the extra effort to support Neil and his music.

And last but least a massive thanks to Neil and his bandmembers Chuck and Gwenael for performing brilliantly everytime no matter how many people show up at a show. A joy to watch and listen to.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Rock on to 2017!

Winny xx

Here’s a message from the man himself:

Hi everyone & Merry Xmas. This year seems to have gone by so quickly, still working on the new album though not that hard i must say. I have been trying to find my feet since Steve Torch left us over a year ago now. He was an integral part of my sound & song content. I miss him very much as a friend & a great songwriting partner. Recently i have started enjoying writing lyrics again which i haven’t done in many years since the Dogwood days. It’s a slow process but i’m liking it more & more.
This year was taken up with the release of ‘Your Very Own Rock Star’ & writing an 80’s album with Chris Goulstone for library music..Radio/TV music etc. Chris mixed ‘Your Very Own Rock Star’ he did a great job as he comes from the rock side of music & is a fantastic guitar player in his own right, it’s been a pleasure working with him & i’m sure we will continue to work together on my new album & other projects. ‘Your Very Own Rock Star’ is my favourite video to date. I really enjoyed dressing up & being an alter ego..Expect much more of this from me when new album is released.
I’d like to thank Winny & Eva for all their hard work with the fan club & their continued support. You have kept me going when i sometimes feel like quitting…I sometimes feel since being a solo artist it hasn’t been a bed of roses & a lot of hard work for hardly any pay off for all involved. 2018 should see the release of my new album as next year i’m on tour with Chris De Burgh. I hope find a good record label that will release it. It will be the strongest album yet half the album which was written with Steve..Some on my own & some co written with Stefan Trenker. There is a great ballad which Steve & i started writing but couldn’t finish..We gave it to Stefan & after Steve passed he sent me it back with a idea for a new chorus which instigated me to finish it. It ended up being about loved ones passing over. It’s the most beautiful song.
I’d like to thank Gwen [Gwenael Damman] for all is hard work recording the album & putting up with my indecisiveness so far. Gwen is also the perfect bass player for my band, both Gwen & Chuck Sabo have stuck with me. Also a thank you to Christian Einheller for stepping in to fill Chuck’s drumming shoes.

Thank you to Hardy at Pixel Design for his continuing support hosting my website. he has done a great job over the last 5 years!

We hope to have a fan meeting next year..If we can find venue & date around The CdeB tour.. Possibly in the Cologne area again!

Love Neil X


Mr. and Mrs. Taylor congratulations!

After many years being together Neil and his beloved Sachi tied the knot on september 3. What a wonderful day! Both me and Eva were privileged to be there as one of the guests on their special day. A very nice ceremony at the guildhall in Bath with lots of family and friends. Sachi was given away by her son Jack, and Neil and Sachi’s son Johnny Ray gave them the rings. They all looked very sharp dressed with a nice purple flower corsage and Sachi was just stunning in her beautiful white dress with silver beadings.

The reception and party was all very well organised by their friend Valerie who done a brilliant job! Maybe we can ask her to organise the next fan meeting…hehe.

Reception and party was held at a very nice setting in the beautiful garden of their friend Tanya Lock who also was the official photographer of the day. See photo’s below! Their best man Dean and maid of honour Valerie both held a lovely speech and also Neil had a great speech with a lot of humor in it. You can read their speeches here

Neil even surprised the wedding guests at the party evening by playing some of his songs with Chuck Sabo on drums and Chris Gouldstone on bass. Family and friends from nearby and far away celebrated this with them.

There was a lot of music, dancing, drink, fun and laughter, even the rain couldn’t make this a bad day.

The book with wedding messages made by lots of fans was one of the many presents given, to be unpacked and read on a later day i’m sure. On behalf of Neil and Sachi everyone who contributed to the book a massive Thank You! Neil let me know that he thought the book was great!

Here are some of the general pages of the book.


Official and guest photo’s of the wedding can be found here  

What is in the planning for later in the year?

Neil is going to give 2 shows in Germany and one in Switzerland the beginning of december. Check for all the dates and tickets here! 

And just to give you a heads up….the fanclub is celebration its 10 anniversary!! That calls for a celebration! Check this page for updates!


Keep on rocking everyone!

Winny x






Blog May 2016: Single release ‘Your Very Own Rock Star’ and more…

Fan Group

Hi everyone,

Single release

Sorry it’s been a while, but i here’s an update with some exciting news for you!

On may the 20th Neil will release a new single with the title ‘Your Very Own Rock Star’. The song will be released with a video. So put the date in you calendar and subscribe to his official youtube channel for updates.

New video’s

Here’s a little acoustic taster of the song Your Very Own Rock star, Neil posted a while back on his page .

Another new song that will be on his new album is ‘Thank You For This Song’. Neil put a brilliant acoustic version of this song with video on his youtube channel. Watch it HERE

Neil also posted a new video in the series of RIFF talks about his song ‘No Self Control’ watch it here


Neil started his  band tour a few days ago in Austria and will be touring for the upcoming 2 weeks through Austria most of the dates. Don’t miss out on these dates! For all the dates and ticket links check the official website.

Secret mission……ssshhhhh 😉 

On our Facebook group there was a secret mission going on that has now been revealed. Some fans worked together to make a brilliant video for Neil to show our love and appreciation to him. Watch it here. Many thanks to everyone who helped making this happen en especially to Eva for organising it and Finchy for making the video.

We actually already have another secret mission planned for this summer, for Neil’s upcoming wedding in september. If you want to take part in it (it will be very different then the last mission) then please let us know by filling in the form below or send a direct email to

You will be informed then on a later date by email about the mission. Also you can send us your own ideas for this mission or new ones.

Looking forward to all you entries 😉

Rock on!

Winny x



R.I.P. Steve Torch 12-08-1958 ~ 17-12-2015

On thursday 17th of december 2015 we heard that Steve Torch (Torchey)  singer, songwriter and best friend of Neil passed away peacefully after being ill for a while. Steve worked with Neil on all his solo albums. He also wrote many songs for artists like Cher and Kyley Minoque and was part of the duo Torch and White back in the 1980’s. He will be missed very much, and we want to pay our respect to his family and friends in this time of sorrow.

I personally knew Steve as a very sweet and talented guy, with a great sens of humour, a man of many faces and emotions but most of all a man with passion about what he did best; making music. 

He will live forever in our hearts and by his wonderful music. R.I.P. Steve.

This is what Neil posted on his facebook page on thursday.

Words can’t express how I feel at this moment. I’m very sad to announce my best friend Steve Torch passed away peacefully this morning at 6:30. I will miss him so much. An amazing talent that has gone too early. Mine & Sachi Copley’s thoughts go out to his son Callum, his family & friends. I’m going to miss our time together. You have been such an inspiration to me & helped me realise my dream. For Torchey XXc

In june 2014 we did an interview with Steve about his songwriting and work with Neil. You can read it again here.
Here are some great video’s starring Steve at his best: 

Out takes Neil and Steve

Torch and White 

Believe by Cher

Walk Away by Neil Taylor
Winny x

December 2015 blog

Hi everyone,

Almost the end of the year and we have a nice contest for you to finish the year. It has been another busy year for Neil touring with Chris de Burgh and doing his own shows and working on a new album in between.

Not to forget the very first official fan meeting this year after 8 years of the existence of the Fan Club.

So what’s new?

Neil opened a new youtube page and posted several ‘riff talks’  video’s; about his riffs and solo’s he did over his 30 years of being a session and live musician for lot’s of artists. He already post 3 riff talk video’s:

-Everybody Wants To Rule the World – Tears for Fears

-Steamy Windows – Tina Turner

-The Last of the Famous International Playboys – Morrissey

And there are more to follow….


So for the contest we thought of a puzzle for you to do during some relax time during the holiday season…. by the fire with your loved ones…with hot coco or gluhwein/warm cider….or not….

What’s the prize? Also a puzzle..but one you can actually make on a table. Its a puzzle made of the photo of Neil at the Royal Albert Hall.

Wherever you are or whatever you will be doing during Christmas and whether you want to send it in or not, we hope you will enjoy this puzzle anyway.

christmas contest final.png

When you filled in all the answers you can make a word with the following letters:

1st letter of word 3
2nd letter of word 14
2nd letter of word 6
3rd letter of word 9
5th letter of word 4
5th letter of word 12
7th letter of word 15
2nd letter of word 16
1st letter of word 8
7th letter of word 13
2nd letter of word 11
5th letter of word 5
9th letter of word 1
10th letter of word 7
1st letter of word 2

You can send in the word until december 26, with your name and address to: 

The winner will be notified on the 27th.

Merry christmas and let’s rock again in the new year!

Winny x


A special evening with Neil Taylor a.k.a. Fan meeting !

Hi everyone,

GREAT NEWS! There will be a special evening for fans organised on October 23 in Cologne.

This is the day before Neil will be playing the last show on the Chris de Burgh tour in Cologne. (Tickets are still available for this last CdB show by the way: CdB show ticket link)

We can’t tell you the details about the special evening with Neil Taylor yet, but we’re working very hard to make it a wonderful evening with a few surprises! If you want to be part of it and of course you want that! All you have to do is fill in the form though the link below to secure your place.  We hope to see many of you there!

Rock on!

Yes i want to be part of the special evening with Neil Taylor!


Blog July 2015

Hello Everyone,

I have some great news to share.

First of all the recent Austrian tour was a great succes! Some great photo’s and video’s were made again by several fans. Some shows were covered in several local newspapers and given some great reviews.

Neil wrote a message for his fans again:

Hi everyone..

Just came back from a very successful mini tour of Austria. This time it felt different, i think all the touring is finally starting to pay off.

There won’t be many shows the rest of this year as i’m writing & recording a new band album with Gwen, Chuck & Christian. I hope to release it sometime early next year & hope to have more good news for you all soon. I want to do more band shows from now on, i like the solo shows but with the band it kicks ass & i will always do a solo section with in the band shows.

Thanx for your support.

Neil x


Photo’s and video’s:

The first photo’s and video’s of the tour can be found HERE. I will add more of them in the next couple of days if i have sorted them out. Do you also made a good video or photo or would like to share your personal experience of attending one of the shows in a blog, it’s all possible here! Just sent it to: If you sent photo’s or video’s please make sure you made them yourself or have permission to share them at least. And add the date and location where it was taken.

Then some other huge news:

We are just beginning to form a Neil Taylor Street Team! 

A Street Team you say? What’s that?
Well…We are looking for some devoted fans who are willing to dedicate some of their time to be a part of promotion and getting Neil’s music more attention. For example, by sharing posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and others. Contacting local radio stations and newspapers. But also by handling out flyers at the tour premieres, album releases and video releases to help spread the news about Neil’s wonderful music.

As a reward for your effort you will get some special gifts and/or free tickets to a show.

Would you like to be a part of this? Of course you would! If this sounds fun and interesting do not hesitate to sign up here below in the contact form. We only use your contact details when we contact you regarding Neil Taylor Street Team’s missions! after you signed up we will send you a list with several activities you can choose to do. Thanks for your interest!

If you have problems using the contact form just sent the required questions directly by email to: You can email us on this adres as well if you have any questions about the Street Team.

Rock on!

Are you ready for summer……?

Hello there,

Are you ready for summer…??? Well if you live on the northern side of the globe you probably are…..

Neil almost finished the first part of the tour with Chris de Burgh, touring through Europe…..they’re going to do a few more shows the end of June in Germany and one in Poland before they will pick up this tour in Canada en the U.S. in the fall. For dates, check HERE

Some of you made some great photo’s during the tour so I made a special gallery here for it to share the best ones with you! Thanks to everyone who send in photo’s so far.

If you also made some nice photo’s which you think should be shown here please let me know or sent them directly to: if you add your name in the email i’ll make sure it’s mentioned!

Many video’s have been made during the tour, i suggest you check them yourself on youtube. I just want to share these two awsome guitarsolo’s i filmed myself during the show in Amsterdam with some promo for Neil’s own music attached. Please check them out and share them amongst your friends and social media as much as you can…more views means more exposure for his music!

  1. Guitarsolo ‘High on Emotion’ 
  2. Another epic Guitarsolo 

Which one you like best?

So what’s happening this summer??

Neil is doing a short tour with his own band in Austria in July, check here for all the dates.

And what else…..?? Well I thought i’d just ask the man himself and this is what he had to say about it:

I’m looking forward to the Austrian shows in July with my band. I’m also concentrating on writing a new band album with Steve Torch over the coming months. I hope to have some more exciting news later in the year. Thanx for everyones support so far. Neil x 

So more exciting news later in the year…can’t wait! I will get back to you when that happens of course!

For now keep on rocking and stay safe!

Winny xx

And the winner is……

Hi everyone,

The photo contest ended last week and we now have a winner. Frank Reimann won with 12 votes in total (60% of all votes) of with this photo of Neil.

20150307_NeilTaylor_1015_contest (1)

Congratulations to Frank he has been notified and he will get his enlarged and signed photo send to him soon.

In 9 days Neil will start touring with Chris de Burgh and his band. Are you planning on going to one of these shows, try and make some nice photo’s if possible (and allowed) perhaps we will have another contest like this later in the year.

Check here all the CdB tourdates and ticket info.

Keep on rocking peeps!

Spring is in the air and we have a new contest!

Hi everyone,

Neil’s early spring tour to promote his Silverwing album has finished now. Thanks to all the fans that came to watch and supported him on the tour.

On several social media I saw a lot of photo’s and video’s of the shows and gave me an idea for a cool new contest. More about that later….

I further have 2 nice interviews Neil did recently which i’d like to share with you:

  1. First one is from Fusion Bags (A shop for travelbags for instruments) date interview: 17-02-2015
  2. Second one is from Music and Manxies (a personal online music review blog) date interview: 06-03-2015

Neil is now rehearsing with Chris de Burgh and band for the upcoming tour through Europe for 2 months starting from april 21st until the end of june . You can watch Neil do his magic on guitar in Chris de Burgh’s band. All dates of the tour can be found through the button Tour dates on this site and of course also on Neil’s website

In july Neil will be doing some more shows, solo and with his band in Austria. Dates can be found on Neil’s website. 

 Now back to the contest….For everybody who attended any of the shows of the latest tour and made photo’s. Here’s your chance to win an enlarged print of your photo WITH Neil’s autograph!

How to enter: Send your best high resolution photo’s (max. 2) to and mention ” photo contest” in the subject line. Add the date and location where it was taken and your name.

And you can only send in photo’s you made yourself of course 🙂 Photo’s can be send in until next Sunday March 22. I will then post all the entries on this site and open a voting poll for approximately one week. The photo with the most votes wins!



Rock on! 

Winny x