Final Blog-Neil Taylor News

Hi everyone,

Last month of the year already, how time flies.

I’ve been evaluating this blog which I have been writing for almost 5 years now and decided that this will be the final one on here. It’s time for a chance and to try something new. I could be wrong but think this blog is not adding much to what is already posted on social media so therefore redundant.

But no need to be sad….This is not a goodbye it’s see you on another platform soon. We’re still continuing our fan club activities on our Facebook group and Twitter page and we might even expand it to other social media soon. I will keep this blog online for archive purposes though.

To keep up to date of any official News from Neil you can watch Neil’s official renewed website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So plenty of choice to keep up to date!

In case you have missed the latest news on social media here’s a reminder:

February 16 2019 Neil is doing a solo acoustic show in the UK, in Brafield-on-the-Green (near Northampton).

There are only very limited tickets available (only 38 left when writing this blog) so get your tickets now before it’s sold out.

Get your tickets HERE

Thanks for all your support to Neil and the Fan Club and I hope you will continue doing so.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Rock on!

Winny x

And if you can’t wait to read more news and to hear his plans for next year…here’s for the last time on this platform a message from the man himself.

Neil’s Blog:

Merry Xmas everyone.

Just back for Japan. Writing with famous artist/guitarist Char. It was great being there & hanging out with old friends i hadn’t seen in 16 years! More news on this in the coming months.

I did TV show in Vienna which went well. The single is picking up good airplay there which is great news. The Austrian tour will start mid May..I will have dates up early next year as we are still adding & waiting for confirmations.

The new album will be called Come Out Of The Silence.. It was Steve’s idea to call it that. Makes a change from calling album after a song title. Though it is a line from the song Everyone’s A Star! The album is mainly songs i wrote with Steve. It will be out in spring next year. I’m hoping Paper Kite will open a few doors. It has had excellent views on youtube & has surpassed any video i have done my far.

I would love to be touring more..Lets see what the future holds.

Once again i’d like to thank everyone for their ongoing support. See you next year.

Neil x



Summer news 2018

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a long time and i hope you’re all enjoying the summertime and had a good year so far. Neil has been out of the lime-light for a bit and therefor so has this blog. But now we finally have some news and hope we have you all on board still supporting Neil.

As you probably already noticed (or not) Neil has a new single release called “Paper Kite”. He also launched a brand new website:


But best to let him talk about it the single and his plans himself:

Hi Everyone,

 Sorry it’s been a while. I have been very busy writing a library album for Chapel Of Rock..It’s called Shine A Light most of the songs have melody & lyrics which has really helped me start writing songs again since Steve’s passing. Some of these songs will make my new album release which will be next year..Early spring!  

  Paper Kite as you may have noticed is now out..The official release date is 10th August due to the radio campaign but is now available on iTunes etc. Paper Kite has moved many people, which is fantastic. It’s a tribute to all loved ones lost & all the broken hearts left behind & of course Steve Torch, I started this song with him but never got to finish it with him as he became too ill. 

Back in 2013/14 we started to write Paper Kite. At this time it was called Used To Be but we didn’t like the chorus. Steve suggested we send it to my friend Stefan Trenker to have a go at writing a new chorus. It must of been at least a year later when Stefan called sent me his chorus idea..When i listened to what he had done i thought there was really something in it. I finished Stefan’s chorus idea & wrote another verse..This is where the song changed from a love song to something different & special, I did sing it to Steve while he was sleeping in his last days..I will never know if he was listening or not but i think he would’ve approved.

  There is only one show so far this year due to much writing music for Chapel Of Rock, which keeps me very busy. There will be a tour in Austria next May & there will be a few shows in Bavaria Germany during the tour. 

I’m hoping Paper Kite opens a few doors & you all will be seeing more of me.

Neil x

Acoustic show 14th september 2018 Bournemouth UK with Meet and Greet

The show he’s talking about this year is in Bournemouth on september 14th. Its a acoustic gig for charity. So if you want to see and hear him live this year this is your one and only chance. He probably will be playing his new single and other new songs as well the oldies. There are still some tickets available so better get your tickets quick before its sold out. get your tickets here: acoustic show tickets

There’s also a possibility to have a Meet and Greet and attend the soundcheck on that show. We only continue with this if there’s enough interest and there’s a maximum of 10 people that can attend ! If you’re interested in the Meet and Greet send an email to: or fill in the form below. More details about the Meet and Greet will be emailed to you more closer to the date.

Note: If you’re attending the meet and greet you still need to buy a ticket for the show.


Competition time!

Last but not least: we have a competition starting today until the official release of the single on the 10th of august.

You can win the exclusive promotional single Paper Kite on CD.

What you need to do is go over to the facebook fan group and check the competition post here. 

Top 10 playlists

Every month we update our top 10 playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. Fans can vote for their favourite songs on the facebook group each month. You can still vote until the end of this month for the august playlist here.

December news – contest

Hi everyone,

This is the last month so the last blog of our anniversary year. So let’s start this time with a message from Neil to his fans:

Hi everyone & a very merry Xmas. Had a great show at weekend in Austria. Now rehearsing for a big private show in Vienna & finishing my album hopefully, so all recording will be done then mixing it sometime next year! More news in the new year! From your very own rock star! Xx

We had a special secret mission going on on facebook, to send a thank you card for Neil for the past 10 years (and before). Thanks everyone who contributed to it and to Eva for organising it and giving it to Neil on his last solo show of the year. 25511041_10156831791637646_790337177_o

Here’s his reaction to it on our facebook fan group page:

Merry Xmas everyone & thank you for the xmas cards..I will open them when i’m back home…..

And here’s a musical merry Xmas message from Neil he posted on his facebook page singing a cover of Slade’s Merry Christmas Everyone.

Anniversary activities: Contest.

We selected 10 photo’s of the past 10 years for a glossy collage poster.  You can win this unique poster signed by Neil by entering our special anniversary Christmas puzzle contest below.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 15.20.43

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 17.46.53

The 13 letters in the red boxes forming two words. The letters are in random order.
Sent your answer before Sunday December 24th to:
Good luck everyone!

Looking back on this year.

Of course this month we also look back at this last year of the anniversary year. And i also made an photo album for it.

Today it’s been 2 years already that Steve Torch left us, still a big loss for Neil and us, but it was nice to hear that two of the songs Neil and him wrote (‘Velvet Ghost’ and ‘Love is the Criminal’ ) are used by Claudia Cane for an album called ” Friends”. 

Neil was very busy touring of course with Chris de Burgh and making library music with Chris Goulstone. And on top of that has been working and recording for his next solo album, which will be released next year. So now its time for a well deserved break for him and spent some quality time for Christmas with his family.

The same goes for myself. Trying to post a blog and searching for photo’s of a particularly year every month was quit challenging and i only managed to post 8 blogs this year. I don’t think won’t be posting as much next year..but you never know…

For now i wish you all a peaceful, joyful, safe and happy ending of the year and you can stay up to date at our fan group on facebook.

Keep on rocking!

Winny x

Summer news-July 2017

Hi everyone,

A fresh new Summer look

This blog has gone a bit of a lay-out update and a fresh summer look as you can see. Some pages have got a hopefully better easy to follow lay-out and the fanclub logo is back in a more prominent place as well. I also created a new page for fan stories and anecdotes. You can all contribute to it. Read all about it here

Hope you all like the new look. If any of you have any questions or requests about this blog or do you miss items? Please let me know. Message me via the contactbutton at the top menu.

CdB tour

The first leg of the Chris de Burgh tour is coming to an end this month. They will have a break in august and will be starting again in september on their tour through Canada.

We got some wonderful pictures of Neil from fans that attended the tour so far. Check the album for all the photo’s here. You can still send in photo’s of any of the shows if you’d like to share them.

At the end of the tour we’re going to choose the best photo’s for something special. We’re not revealing what just yet. 

Anniversary year 2012

We’re already half through our 10th anniversary year. So the 5th year was the year 2012. If any of you have any photo’s of that year to share please send them to  

To refresh your memory of the year 2012: Neil had a very busy and productive year.

He toured solo through Germany, Austria en even the Netherlands from Febr-June. Then he went on joining Chris de Burgh and his band for a few shows in July and did some solo shows in his hometown in the UK. He had a one off guest performance with the Robbie Williams tribute singer Mike Andrew in August and did a tour with the Freemen singers in Austria. Then did another long solotour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland from september till november of that year and also performing at the acoustic guitar show in London in the middle of that tour. And if he wasn’t busy enough he managed to also release his acoustic album Chasing Butterflies. This album was originally made just for fans only to be sold at the shows, but eventually released by the label Hypertension.

Check some photo’s of 2012 here


Listen to the album Chasing Butterflies on Spotify

Special Members features

I haven’t been able to sent the members a new exclusive video recently, sorry for that. But don’t worry I’m making up for it now. This time i have 2 exclusive video’s for members and 1 for all fans to see.

All subscribers of this blog will get an email soon with a link to an unlisted video on Youtube. It’s a live version Of Neil solo on electric guitar playing the song No god Like Rock n Roll recorded in Essen in 2012. Very powerful even though he’s playing it without band. The other video is posted on Vimeo and is from one of the workshops Neil did a few years back in Germany. He’s playing slide guitar on the song Feel by Robbie Williams and even singing on it. A true gem since he never played it with vocals live, to my knowledge anyway. Members will receive a link to the video and a password to unlock it.

If you’re not a member yet, and you still want to see the exclusive video’s you can subscribe to this blog on the home page on the right side by entering your email address.

The last video is for everyone to see. Another recording of the song Would You Love Me from 2012 featuring Gary Nuttall on guitar.

Also live footage from Essen, Germany. Its also placed on the anniversary album page for 2012.

Q&A – Send in your questions for Neil

Do you have a burning question of how it is like to be a musician on tour or how many guitars he actually has and what his favourite one is or what he thinks about the modern day music. Or any other question. Now is your chance!

Neil agreed to do another Q&A for his fans and will answer all those questions for you. If there are enough questions send in he will answer them on (live) video. How can you join in? Send in your questions for Neil before sunday 23rd of July to: or post them at the facebook fangroup.

Neil’s blog

And leaving the best for last…Here’s a personal message by Neil for you all:

Hi everyone,

Sorry i have been rather quiet recently, what with the Chris de Burgh tour..Writing songs for Chris Goulstone’s new library label ‘Chapel Of Rock’.
In  May i lost friend & fellow musician Jimmy Copley whom i met in 1989 rehearsing for the Tears For Fears ‘Sowing The Seeds Of Love’ tour. He was a fantastic drummer playing with the likes of Paul Rodgers [Free] Go West..Manfred Mann to name a few. We had many great times together on & off the road & he will be missed very much. I have some great memories which i will cherish for a long time. Good night Jimmy X

Regarding new album..I haven’t done much at all ..It’s 70% there. Steve Power has mixed 3 tracks which are sounding perfect. Steve worked with me in 1983 on a Violent Blue song which he produced but was never released. He also worked on most of the Robbie Williams albums to date. I am in no rush to release it but will try to get it out in the next year or two. I hope to do another tour but i’m finding it very hard to get any agents/promoters on board. I will keep trying.

Shame the show at the HardRock in Cologne didn’t work out. I was looking forward to another get together.

Neil x


Keep on rocking!

Winny xx



Merry Xmas, happy new year and a message from Neil

Hi Everyone,

Another year has gone by and we’re looking at 2017 already.

This year had his highs and lows…It had a sad start because of the passing of Steve Torch, Neil’s songwriting partner and good friend, last year december.He still is sadly missed. On a happier note this year was also the year of  Neil’s and Sachi’s wedding in september. We couldn’t think of a lovelier couple!  Then we had the release of a new song: Your very own Rockstar, which is a good taster of what’s in store for the new album in 2018. And of course we could enjoy Neil doing what he does best,playing at any of his live shows with and without his band, and as no suprise he gained some new fans from it as well.

So what’s up for next year:

Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the fanclub! We will be celebrating this by posting photo’s video’s and memories from the past year on our facebook group and some of it here. Each month we highlight another year starting in 2007. You can also join the fun and dig up your old photo’s, video’s and memories from the past 10 year of Neil and the fanclub to post it next year when we launch the celebrations. If you are one of the few that doesn’t have facebook but still want to sent us your photo’s etc to be posted on this blog, you can send it to the usual address:

Further we’re looking into the possibilities of another fan meeting to celebrate the 10th anniversary, subscribe to this blog to keep updated about any events.

Sadly next year there won’t be much or any solo shows by Neil, because Neil is touring with Chris de Burgh. So if you want to see him play live and say hi to him after the shows check the Chris de Burgh website for touringdates.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a hugh thank you to Eva who is running the facebookgroup with never ending enthusiasm and perserverance and always has some new ideas lined up for the fanclub. Thank you Eva, i couldn’t do without your help! Then i want to thank all the fans old and new that stick by Neil and the fan club and for their great taste in music! And a special thank you to the street team members who joined us in our monthly missions on social media for taking the extra effort to support Neil and his music.

And last but least a massive thanks to Neil and his bandmembers Chuck and Gwenael for performing brilliantly everytime no matter how many people show up at a show. A joy to watch and listen to.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Rock on to 2017!

Winny xx

Here’s a message from the man himself:

Hi everyone & Merry Xmas. This year seems to have gone by so quickly, still working on the new album though not that hard i must say. I have been trying to find my feet since Steve Torch left us over a year ago now. He was an integral part of my sound & song content. I miss him very much as a friend & a great songwriting partner. Recently i have started enjoying writing lyrics again which i haven’t done in many years since the Dogwood days. It’s a slow process but i’m liking it more & more.
This year was taken up with the release of ‘Your Very Own Rock Star’ & writing an 80’s album with Chris Goulstone for library music..Radio/TV music etc. Chris mixed ‘Your Very Own Rock Star’ he did a great job as he comes from the rock side of music & is a fantastic guitar player in his own right, it’s been a pleasure working with him & i’m sure we will continue to work together on my new album & other projects. ‘Your Very Own Rock Star’ is my favourite video to date. I really enjoyed dressing up & being an alter ego..Expect much more of this from me when new album is released.
I’d like to thank Winny & Eva for all their hard work with the fan club & their continued support. You have kept me going when i sometimes feel like quitting…I sometimes feel since being a solo artist it hasn’t been a bed of roses & a lot of hard work for hardly any pay off for all involved. 2018 should see the release of my new album as next year i’m on tour with Chris De Burgh. I hope find a good record label that will release it. It will be the strongest album yet half the album which was written with Steve..Some on my own & some co written with Stefan Trenker. There is a great ballad which Steve & i started writing but couldn’t finish..We gave it to Stefan & after Steve passed he sent me it back with a idea for a new chorus which instigated me to finish it. It ended up being about loved ones passing over. It’s the most beautiful song.
I’d like to thank Gwen [Gwenael Damman] for all is hard work recording the album & putting up with my indecisiveness so far. Gwen is also the perfect bass player for my band, both Gwen & Chuck Sabo have stuck with me. Also a thank you to Christian Einheller for stepping in to fill Chuck’s drumming shoes.

Thank you to Hardy at Pixel Design for his continuing support hosting my website. he has done a great job over the last 5 years!

We hope to have a fan meeting next year..If we can find venue & date around The CdeB tour.. Possibly in the Cologne area again!

Love Neil X

November 2015 Blog

Hi everyone,

(Note: This post was listed as a page instead of a blog before and was therefore difficult to find. That is corrected now…so you can more easily find it again) 
Finally a blog again. Coming towards the end of the year and having a very succesful first ever official Fan Meeting is a good reason to blog.

Many photo’s have been made and i will add here the upcoming month. If you also made some nice photo’s at the fan meeting or at one of the Chris de Burgh shows and want them featured on this site please send them to: adding the date, location and your name if you want it mentioned.
Then i want to have a huge shout out and massive thank you to Eva Toroczkay who organised this fan meeting with me, the Music Academy Köln for letting us use their location, Jens Kuss from the music academy for helping with the music installation and sound on the evening, David Levy and Tony Kiley for joining Neil on stage as special guests and of course the wonderful volunteers who helped getting it all done and together on the evening: Kiki Knauf, Kiki Dietz, Miriam Itot, Sylvia Doernchen, Angela Ficker, Kathrin Ficker, Monika Bunk and Glenna Fowle.
And of course thanks to Neil for his wonderful music, taking the time out of his busy schedule to perform for us and letting us be the first to hear some of his new songs. Some compilation video footage of the evening will be posted soon!

I’m sure i don’t just speak for myself if i say i can’t wait for the new album to be released next year!
Here are some impressions of that evening and the show with Chris de Burgh at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne (credits go to Maris Rietrums, Eva Toroczkay, Nicole Steffens)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now without further ado …Here’s a message from Neil.

Rock on! Winny x

Neil’s Blog

First of all i’d like to say thank you to everyone that came to the fan meeting. It was a huge success & i hope we can arrange something similar next year. I hope you all enjoyed hearing the new songs as much as i enjoyed playing them. ‘Your Very Own Rock Star’ seemed to be the one that moved people the most. This song will be fantastic live with my band. A big thank you to David Levy [Bass] & Tony Kiley [Drums] for helping me out in Cologne, we go back many years to when i was with Chris de Burgh back in the late 90’s. I have known David since 1986 when we toured together with Alison Moyet! Both Tony & Dave really enjoyed this evening.
I am off to Austria next week to finish my new album which i hope will be the best to date. The songs are great..I’m not blowing my own trumpet here but to be honest it’s mainly down to writing the all my albums with Steve Torch who is fantastic at melodies & lyrics.
There is a band tour planned for next May in Austria & obviously an album release which i hope will bring many more band shows in various territories. Everything hinges on this next album but i am quietly confident that it will have more success than the previous albums once i have a good label on board. I hope to have much more news early next year.
So nearly at the end of the year..It’s had it’s ups & downs. So sorry to those of you that attended the Monchengladbach show. I never been so angry but this was beyond my control..I would like to go into it more but all i will say is i hope Karma comes into it.
Mine & Sachi’s thoughts & prayers are with Steve Torch, his son Callum & Steve’s family at this time. As some of you know Steve has been ill for a while..He still managed to finish writing my album with me. I went into hospital with my acoustic guitar & we came up with some of our best material..There’s no stopping this guy. Bless you. X

Neil Taylor

Blog July 2015

Hello Everyone,

I have some great news to share.

First of all the recent Austrian tour was a great succes! Some great photo’s and video’s were made again by several fans. Some shows were covered in several local newspapers and given some great reviews.

Neil wrote a message for his fans again:

Hi everyone..

Just came back from a very successful mini tour of Austria. This time it felt different, i think all the touring is finally starting to pay off.

There won’t be many shows the rest of this year as i’m writing & recording a new band album with Gwen, Chuck & Christian. I hope to release it sometime early next year & hope to have more good news for you all soon. I want to do more band shows from now on, i like the solo shows but with the band it kicks ass & i will always do a solo section with in the band shows.

Thanx for your support.

Neil x


Photo’s and video’s:

The first photo’s and video’s of the tour can be found HERE. I will add more of them in the next couple of days if i have sorted them out. Do you also made a good video or photo or would like to share your personal experience of attending one of the shows in a blog, it’s all possible here! Just sent it to: If you sent photo’s or video’s please make sure you made them yourself or have permission to share them at least. And add the date and location where it was taken.

Then some other huge news:

We are just beginning to form a Neil Taylor Street Team! 

A Street Team you say? What’s that?
Well…We are looking for some devoted fans who are willing to dedicate some of their time to be a part of promotion and getting Neil’s music more attention. For example, by sharing posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and others. Contacting local radio stations and newspapers. But also by handling out flyers at the tour premieres, album releases and video releases to help spread the news about Neil’s wonderful music.

As a reward for your effort you will get some special gifts and/or free tickets to a show.

Would you like to be a part of this? Of course you would! If this sounds fun and interesting do not hesitate to sign up here below in the contact form. We only use your contact details when we contact you regarding Neil Taylor Street Team’s missions! after you signed up we will send you a list with several activities you can choose to do. Thanks for your interest!

If you have problems using the contact form just sent the required questions directly by email to: You can email us on this adres as well if you have any questions about the Street Team.

Rock on!

Merry Xmas from Neil

Neil played his last shows of this year and is looking back at this year and has a message for his fans (see below)
Also Eva and myself have interviewed Neil during his last tour and included some fan questions some of you sent us in the interview as well. You can watch the interview here on Neil’s official Youtube page

There were also a lot of photo’s and video’s made during the last tour…I gathered the best for you to watch in a slideshow here.
Rest me to say…thanks for reading and subscribing and hope to see you back here next year for more news and updates!

Rock on! Winny

A message from Neil:
Thank you to everybody for the continued support. It was great to see some of you at The hard Rock in Cologne. You made my night very special..Tequila!!!!
It’s been a tough year but i’m gathering momentum now. I’ve been concentrating on my solo career for almost 4 years now and sometimes i did think about throwing it all in but those thoughts were fleeting. I feel as though i’ve found myself now and turned the corner,next year is already starting to look good. Solo tour in Austria..Band shows in Germany & hopefully supporting Chris de Burgh in May. So the start of this tough year came in with a real bang playing in Kiev Ukraine to half a million people. I never played in front of that many with any artist i’ve worked with..lets see what happens next year.

My acoustic album Silverwing will be released in January and has turned out great. I hope you will all enjoy it as much as Steve and i enjoyed writing and recording it. It’s half studio & half recorded live in Essen where quite a few of you came. Sachi did a lot of vocals on it and that has given it a great sound.

I love what i’m doing now much more rewarding than session work and i hope you do too.

Merry Xmas will be seeing more of me next year.

Neil x

Neil’s Blog – October 2014

Hi everyone, it’s been a while.
Those of you that came to my recorded Essen show in May will be happy to know that i will be using about 8 of the songs for my next acoustic album. There will also be 8 recorded acoustic studio tracks that Steve & i are in the process of writing and recording. I’m enjoying this album immensely as there is no pressure writing radio friendly songs but having said that there are one or two very strong tracks. This album will only be sold at website & maybe itunes, not sure of the title yet.

I’m looking forward to my band shows in November in Austria and Germany. I hope to have more interesting news before the end of the year.
I have only 2 solo acoustic shows at the end of November and have no plans to do any more for the foreseeable future…This is not saying i won’t be doing anymore there but i want to concentrate on band shows.

With kind regards

Neil Taylor

Neil’s Blog August 25 2014

It’s been a while, had a great tour with Chris De Burgh and on the last night i supported him with my solo performance in Luxembourg. I only had one acoustic with me and on the third song Play It Don’t Worry i broke a string! There was no way i could carry on as it sent the guitar completely out of tune. I explained the situation to the audience and said i would be back in 5 mins after my guitar tech changed the string. Any way they really seemed to enjoy my set and i sold a lot of Cd’s that night.
I will be back touring with Chris next year in Europe and i’m hoping to support him again if it’s possible..Fingers crossed.

Woodstock Ukraine was a great success ..i hope to go back once the situation there is calm, the people are very friendly and the beer is the best ive ever tasted. I have a few things coming up with my band but not as much as i would like. November i have around 5 band shows and my first ever band show in Germany which i’m very excited about.[Please go to my website]

I plan to release the solo Acoustic show that was recorded this May in Essen Germany. It will be released early next year as an exclusive CD that can only be only bought at shows and from my website.It will have a couple of new acoustic songs that Steve Torch and i are working on at the moment. We are still working on a new album but i’m in no rush to release as i think No God Like Rock n Roll deserves more promotion and i feel it’s going to waste at the moment. There are things going on in Switzerland and plans from promotion there in December. Next year i will be touring solo acoustic in Austria late February. Oh there is a one off solo show in Meersburg Germany on the 18th i hope to see some of you there?? Please look at my website for time and place in the next few days.

Talking of Steve Torch he will be doing songwriting workshops in March next year in Austria, Germany & Switzerland. Dates will be released in the next month or so.
I’m enjoying my rest at the moment.
Neil x