Summer news 2018

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a long time and i hope you’re all enjoying the summertime and had a good year so far. Neil has been out of the lime-light for a bit and therefor so has this blog. But now we finally have some news and hope we have you all on board still supporting Neil.

As you probably already noticed (or not) Neil has a new single release called “Paper Kite”. He also launched a brand new website:


But best to let him talk about it the single and his plans himself:

Hi Everyone,

 Sorry it’s been a while. I have been very busy writing a library album for Chapel Of Rock..It’s called Shine A Light most of the songs have melody & lyrics which has really helped me start writing songs again since Steve’s passing. Some of these songs will make my new album release which will be next year..Early spring!  

  Paper Kite as you may have noticed is now out..The official release date is 10th August due to the radio campaign but is now available on iTunes etc. Paper Kite has moved many people, which is fantastic. It’s a tribute to all loved ones lost & all the broken hearts left behind & of course Steve Torch, I started this song with him but never got to finish it with him as he became too ill. 

Back in 2013/14 we started to write Paper Kite. At this time it was called Used To Be but we didn’t like the chorus. Steve suggested we send it to my friend Stefan Trenker to have a go at writing a new chorus. It must of been at least a year later when Stefan called sent me his chorus idea..When i listened to what he had done i thought there was really something in it. I finished Stefan’s chorus idea & wrote another verse..This is where the song changed from a love song to something different & special, I did sing it to Steve while he was sleeping in his last days..I will never know if he was listening or not but i think he would’ve approved.

  There is only one show so far this year due to much writing music for Chapel Of Rock, which keeps me very busy. There will be a tour in Austria next May & there will be a few shows in Bavaria Germany during the tour. 

I’m hoping Paper Kite opens a few doors & you all will be seeing more of me.

Neil x

Acoustic show 14th september 2018 Bournemouth UK with Meet and Greet

The show he’s talking about this year is in Bournemouth on september 14th. Its a acoustic gig for charity. So if you want to see and hear him live this year this is your one and only chance. He probably will be playing his new single and other new songs as well the oldies. There are still some tickets available so better get your tickets quick before its sold out. get your tickets here: acoustic show tickets

There’s also a possibility to have a Meet and Greet and attend the soundcheck on that show. We only continue with this if there’s enough interest and there’s a maximum of 10 people that can attend ! If you’re interested in the Meet and Greet send an email to: or fill in the form below. More details about the Meet and Greet will be emailed to you more closer to the date.

Note: If you’re attending the meet and greet you still need to buy a ticket for the show.


Competition time!

Last but not least: we have a competition starting today until the official release of the single on the 10th of august.

You can win the exclusive promotional single Paper Kite on CD.

What you need to do is go over to the facebook fan group and check the competition post here. 

Top 10 playlists

Every month we update our top 10 playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. Fans can vote for their favourite songs on the facebook group each month. You can still vote until the end of this month for the august playlist here.


December news – contest

Hi everyone,

This is the last month so the last blog of our anniversary year. So let’s start this time with a message from Neil to his fans:

Hi everyone & a very merry Xmas. Had a great show at weekend in Austria. Now rehearsing for a big private show in Vienna & finishing my album hopefully, so all recording will be done then mixing it sometime next year! More news in the new year! From your very own rock star! Xx

We had a special secret mission going on on facebook, to send a thank you card for Neil for the past 10 years (and before). Thanks everyone who contributed to it and to Eva for organising it and giving it to Neil on his last solo show of the year. 25511041_10156831791637646_790337177_o

Here’s his reaction to it on our facebook fan group page:

Merry Xmas everyone & thank you for the xmas cards..I will open them when i’m back home…..

And here’s a musical merry Xmas message from Neil he posted on his facebook page singing a cover of Slade’s Merry Christmas Everyone.

Anniversary activities: Contest.

We selected 10 photo’s of the past 10 years for a glossy collage poster.  You can win this unique poster signed by Neil by entering our special anniversary Christmas puzzle contest below.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 15.20.43

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 17.46.53

The 13 letters in the red boxes forming two words. The letters are in random order.
Sent your answer before Sunday December 24th to:
Good luck everyone!

Looking back on this year.

Of course this month we also look back at this last year of the anniversary year. And i also made an photo album for it.

Today it’s been 2 years already that Steve Torch left us, still a big loss for Neil and us, but it was nice to hear that two of the songs Neil and him wrote (‘Velvet Ghost’ and ‘Love is the Criminal’ ) are used by Claudia Cane for an album called ” Friends”. 

Neil was very busy touring of course with Chris de Burgh and making library music with Chris Goulstone. And on top of that has been working and recording for his next solo album, which will be released next year. So now its time for a well deserved break for him and spent some quality time for Christmas with his family.

The same goes for myself. Trying to post a blog and searching for photo’s of a particularly year every month was quit challenging and i only managed to post 8 blogs this year. I don’t think won’t be posting as much next year..but you never know…

For now i wish you all a peaceful, joyful, safe and happy ending of the year and you can stay up to date at our fan group on facebook.

Keep on rocking!

Winny x

February news – valentine special with contest, new exclusive video and more..

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the exclusive fan video from last month. This month i’ll have another one for you, it will be sent the link with password to all subscribers of this blog. So keep an eye out for that email! It will be sent very soon!

It’s not too late to subscribe and become a fan! Go HERE to join the fun!

And we have double fun this month because especially for valentines day we have a contest for you! You can win this beautiful romantic poster of Neil. The photo was made by Eva Toroczkay on his last tour. 16422382_10155675384577646_7556150373901058625_o

All you have to do is make sure you have subscribed to this blog with your email and make a comment under the photo on our facebook group. We will choose one of the subscribers at Valentines day. He or she will be notified by email!

Upcoming wednesday, february 15 is the birthday of Neil’s lovely wife Sachi Taylor. We wish her already a happy birthday of course and hope you will do the same on facebook!

Then this month we look back at the second year of the Fan Club; the year 2008. For me it was the first time i actually met Neil in person when he played a few gigs with the band Private Dicks on a reunion tour. Photo’s of that gig in Berlin can be seen on the special anniversary photo album in the gallery HERE. Also if you have any photo’s of Neil of 2008 which you’d like to share please send them to me or post them at our facebook group.

Be loved, be safe and Rock on!

Winny x








December 2015 blog

Hi everyone,

Almost the end of the year and we have a nice contest for you to finish the year. It has been another busy year for Neil touring with Chris de Burgh and doing his own shows and working on a new album in between.

Not to forget the very first official fan meeting this year after 8 years of the existence of the Fan Club.

So what’s new?

Neil opened a new youtube page and posted several ‘riff talks’  video’s; about his riffs and solo’s he did over his 30 years of being a session and live musician for lot’s of artists. He already post 3 riff talk video’s:

-Everybody Wants To Rule the World – Tears for Fears

-Steamy Windows – Tina Turner

-The Last of the Famous International Playboys – Morrissey

And there are more to follow….


So for the contest we thought of a puzzle for you to do during some relax time during the holiday season…. by the fire with your loved ones…with hot coco or gluhwein/warm cider….or not….

What’s the prize? Also a puzzle..but one you can actually make on a table. Its a puzzle made of the photo of Neil at the Royal Albert Hall.

Wherever you are or whatever you will be doing during Christmas and whether you want to send it in or not, we hope you will enjoy this puzzle anyway.

christmas contest final.png

When you filled in all the answers you can make a word with the following letters:

1st letter of word 3
2nd letter of word 14
2nd letter of word 6
3rd letter of word 9
5th letter of word 4
5th letter of word 12
7th letter of word 15
2nd letter of word 16
1st letter of word 8
7th letter of word 13
2nd letter of word 11
5th letter of word 5
9th letter of word 1
10th letter of word 7
1st letter of word 2

You can send in the word until december 26, with your name and address to: 

The winner will be notified on the 27th.

Merry christmas and let’s rock again in the new year!

Winny x