September 2017 news

Hi everyone,

Summer is almost over again. Time goes by so fast so i didn’t make it in time for a blog in august, so this is for august and september both. I’m sure you don’t mind.

Even though there’s a break in the tour with Chris de Burgh, Neil has not been doing nothing.

He’s got some projects he worked on like doing some guitarsolo’s for Hope Will Lead and he’s been working with Chris Gouldstone from Chapel of Rock on some library music. Real powerful rock tunes. Go listen to samples of the album Damage here.

Of course we had the Q&A live on facebook. Many fans sent in questions which he answered live. If you missed it, you can watch it again on his artist page on facebook here.
Upcoming …..

Canada Tour with Chris de Burgh

In less then a week Neil goes on tour again with Chris de Burgh for a month in Canada.

I call on all CdB fans to please make photo’s of Neil during this tour and share them with us on our Facebook group page or you can send them to

New album

In december Neil is going to Austria to finish his album! So next year we can expect a new album! Looking sooo forward to this!

Anniversary activities

We would have loved to have a fan meeting this year year to celebrate the 10th anniversary, but it was just not possible in our and Neil’s schedule. But we’re still trying to get it organized for next year. The new album is also a something to celebrate, if not better! But let’s face it do we really need an excuse or reason for a fan meeting?…no i don’t think so. It’s just something we want and be as great or even better then last time.

It doesn’t mean we’re done celebrating our 10th year of the fan club.

By the end of this anniversary year we want to do something special with the best photo’s eversent in, not only from this tour but also of the photo’s sent in from the past 10 years. That means you can still send in old photo’s from previous tours as well.

This blog we look back at the years 2013 and 2014.

2013 was truly an amazing year in Neil’s solo career. If you can’t recall it, i will refresh your memory: In febr/march 2013 Neil went on a solo tour through Germany and Austria.

Neil released his third solo album No God Like Rock ‘n’ Roll 
He then went on tour with Chris de Burgh from april until June and was support act as well on this tour. And of course we all remember this legendary photo of Neil in the Royal Albert Hall made by Dan Scheiderno god like rock 'n' rollartist page neil

That autumn Neil did a solo tour through Austria and Germany again also with some workshops added. Then at new years eve he did his biggest show ever at the independence square in Kiev, performing for more the 500.000 people in the freezing cold. And it was all recorded luckily so we can watch it over and over again!

The anniversary Photo album of 2013 can be found here 

Then on to 2014. A long solo (acoustic and band) tour through Germany, Austria, Switzerland until the end of the year added with workshops and festivals.

Anniversary album of 2014

Rock on! And don’t forget to send in you photo’s!

Winny x