Summer news-July 2017

Hi everyone,

A fresh new Summer look

This blog has gone a bit of a lay-out update and a fresh summer look as you can see. Some pages have got a hopefully better easy to follow lay-out and the fanclub logo is back in a more prominent place as well. I also created a new page for fan stories and anecdotes. You can all contribute to it. Read all about it here

Hope you all like the new look. If any of you have any questions or requests about this blog or do you miss items? Please let me know. Message me via the contactbutton at the top menu.

CdB tour

The first leg of the Chris de Burgh tour is coming to an end this month. They will have a break in august and will be starting again in september on their tour through Canada.

We got some wonderful pictures of Neil from fans that attended the tour so far. Check the album for all the photo’s here. You can still send in photo’s of any of the shows if you’d like to share them.

At the end of the tour we’re going to choose the best photo’s for something special. We’re not revealing what just yet. 

Anniversary year 2012

We’re already half through our 10th anniversary year. So the 5th year was the year 2012. If any of you have any photo’s of that year to share please send them to  

To refresh your memory of the year 2012: Neil had a very busy and productive year.

He toured solo through Germany, Austria en even the Netherlands from Febr-June. Then he went on joining Chris de Burgh and his band for a few shows in July and did some solo shows in his hometown in the UK. He had a one off guest performance with the Robbie Williams tribute singer Mike Andrew in August and did a tour with the Freemen singers in Austria. Then did another long solotour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland from september till november of that year and also performing at the acoustic guitar show in London in the middle of that tour. And if he wasn’t busy enough he managed to also release his acoustic album Chasing Butterflies. This album was originally made just for fans only to be sold at the shows, but eventually released by the label Hypertension.

Check some photo’s of 2012 here


Listen to the album Chasing Butterflies on Spotify

Special Members features

I haven’t been able to sent the members a new exclusive video recently, sorry for that. But don’t worry I’m making up for it now. This time i have 2 exclusive video’s for members and 1 for all fans to see.

All subscribers of this blog will get an email soon with a link to an unlisted video on Youtube. It’s a live version Of Neil solo on electric guitar playing the song No god Like Rock n Roll recorded in Essen in 2012. Very powerful even though he’s playing it without band. The other video is posted on Vimeo and is from one of the workshops Neil did a few years back in Germany. He’s playing slide guitar on the song Feel by Robbie Williams and even singing on it. A true gem since he never played it with vocals live, to my knowledge anyway. Members will receive a link to the video and a password to unlock it.

If you’re not a member yet, and you still want to see the exclusive video’s you can subscribe to this blog on the home page on the right side by entering your email address.

The last video is for everyone to see. Another recording of the song Would You Love Me from 2012 featuring Gary Nuttall on guitar.

Also live footage from Essen, Germany. Its also placed on the anniversary album page for 2012.

Q&A – Send in your questions for Neil

Do you have a burning question of how it is like to be a musician on tour or how many guitars he actually has and what his favourite one is or what he thinks about the modern day music. Or any other question. Now is your chance!

Neil agreed to do another Q&A for his fans and will answer all those questions for you. If there are enough questions send in he will answer them on (live) video. How can you join in? Send in your questions for Neil before sunday 23rd of July to: or post them at the facebook fangroup.

Neil’s blog

And leaving the best for last…Here’s a personal message by Neil for you all:

Hi everyone,

Sorry i have been rather quiet recently, what with the Chris de Burgh tour..Writing songs for Chris Goulstone’s new library label ‘Chapel Of Rock’.
In  May i lost friend & fellow musician Jimmy Copley whom i met in 1989 rehearsing for the Tears For Fears ‘Sowing The Seeds Of Love’ tour. He was a fantastic drummer playing with the likes of Paul Rodgers [Free] Go West..Manfred Mann to name a few. We had many great times together on & off the road & he will be missed very much. I have some great memories which i will cherish for a long time. Good night Jimmy X

Regarding new album..I haven’t done much at all ..It’s 70% there. Steve Power has mixed 3 tracks which are sounding perfect. Steve worked with me in 1983 on a Violent Blue song which he produced but was never released. He also worked on most of the Robbie Williams albums to date. I am in no rush to release it but will try to get it out in the next year or two. I hope to do another tour but i’m finding it very hard to get any agents/promoters on board. I will keep trying.

Shame the show at the HardRock in Cologne didn’t work out. I was looking forward to another get together.

Neil x


Keep on rocking!

Winny xx