Blog spring 2017- CdB world tour has started

Hi everyone,

Sorry i’m a bit more late then normal with this blog. Life can get a bit busy and time-absorbing sometime, but i didn’t forget about you all. I’m still here and having some nice things to share for you.

CdB tour has started.

So first of all…Neil started the tour with Chris de burgh and band. Lots of photo’s and video’s are shared online already and i will of course share some of them here as well. I made a special photo album for this tour again and will keep adding photo’s and video links from shows as the tour is progressing. All photo’s and video clips are very welcome here. If you want to add yours please send them to me directly by email to or let me know where i can find them. Thanks! Already a big thank you to all that have made lovely photo’s and video’s of Neil so far. More photo’s and video’s of the tour can be found on this special page i made which will also be updated when the tour progresses. Go to this page to see photo’s of the tour: On Tour with Chris de Burgh 2017

Now for the celebration year we look back at the years 2010-2011.

In 2010 Neil was still playing with Robbie Williams and doing shows with him.

But he also started to get serious with his solo career resulting in releasing his first solo album  “No Self Control” in 2010 independently. This album was a few months later released at the label Hypertension with a different cover. The first single and video was released in January 2011 ” Walk Away”

no self control cover
Release 2010
no self control cover 2
Release 2011

And of course later that year his first solo tour through Germany together with Gary Nuttall.

This is from his very first gig of that tour. ” Would you love Me”  – Live in Unna 5-10-2011 and many thanks to Sylvia for making this awesome recording!

More photo’s of these years can be found in the album 2010-2011 here

Rock on!

Winny x