February news – valentine special with contest, new exclusive video and more..

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the exclusive fan video from last month. This month i’ll have another one for you, it will be sent the link with password to all subscribers of this blog. So keep an eye out for that email! It will be sent very soon!

It’s not too late to subscribe and become a fan! Go HERE to join the fun!

And we have double fun this month because especially for valentines day we have a contest for you! You can win this beautiful romantic poster of Neil. The photo was made by Eva Toroczkay on his last tour. 16422382_10155675384577646_7556150373901058625_o

All you have to do is make sure you have subscribed to this blog with your email and make a comment under the photo on our facebook group. We will choose one of the subscribers at Valentines day. He or she will be notified by email!

Upcoming wednesday, february 15 is the birthday of Neil’s lovely wife Sachi Taylor. We wish her already a happy birthday of course and hope you will do the same on facebook!

Then this month we look back at the second year of the Fan Club; the year 2008. For me it was the first time i actually met Neil in person when he played a few gigs with the band Private Dicks on a reunion tour. Photo’s of that gig in Berlin can be seen on the special anniversary photo album in the gallery HERE. Also if you have any photo’s of Neil of 2008 which you’d like to share please send them to me or post them at our facebook group.

Be loved, be safe and Rock on!

Winny x