January news, exclusive content and more..

Hi everyone,

First month of the year is almost over. I hope you all had a good start of the new year.

I decided to give this blog a new fresh look for the new year, hope you like it.

Celebrating 10 years Fan Club.

This month is the first of a series of celebrating 10 years of memories of the fan club. I had a look into the fan club archive, but couldn’t find any photo’s of 2007…how about that. I did however find a lot of photo’s from before 2007, especially live photo’s of the Close Encounters tour by Robbie Williams from 2006, Neil was playing with at the time. So i decided to make the month January, 2007 and before. I made a special page and album for it at this site, at the gallery. I will add more golden oldies and video footage soon. This way we create a wonderful archive of Neil’s career of photo’s and video’s. We’re thinking of making something nice out of the best photo’s by the end of this year.

Next month i will post photo’s of 2008, and i saw i actually did have some photo’s of that year! You can still send in your photo’s of Neil from any year, i will post them in the right album if you add the year. Also if you have some stories or anecdotes please send them.

Exclusive video’s for subscribers!

Besides creating this archive, i wanted to do something special for you fans. As you probably know i record almost every show of Neil i attended on video, but only a few of them have been posted online. So i have a huge archive of video footage that has never seen day light, let alone the world wide web. This includes footage of the live performance (and new songs!) of the fan meeting but also footage of the workshops he gave. The best ones i will put online with Neil’s consent of course, as exclusive content for subscribers to this blog. I will try and do this each month for this year.

The first video is ready to go online and is a footage of a new song called: “Just Another Wednesday” from the fan meeting in 2015. It will go online later this week, around Neil’s birthday the 26th of January, so you have still time to subscribe here! All subscriber will receive an email  (Check your spambox) with a link and password to the video.

Yes it’s that time of the year again, Neil’s birthday! Thursday January 26. It amazes me how he seems to not look any older as years go by…still our shining, handsome, funny and down to earth Rockstar. Don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday on his facebookpage or twitter.  I know he always appreciates all your messages very much.

Thats it for this month. Don’t forget to become a fan and subscribe to this blog to acces the exclusive content! 

Rock on!

Winny x