Merry Xmas, happy new year and a message from Neil

Hi Everyone,

Another year has gone by and we’re looking at 2017 already.

This year had his highs and lows…It had a sad start because of the passing of Steve Torch, Neil’s songwriting partner and good friend, last year december.He still is sadly missed. On a happier note this year was also the year of  Neil’s and Sachi’s wedding in september. We couldn’t think of a lovelier couple!  Then we had the release of a new song: Your very own Rockstar, which is a good taster of what’s in store for the new album in 2018. And of course we could enjoy Neil doing what he does best,playing at any of his live shows with and without his band, and as no suprise he gained some new fans from it as well.

So what’s up for next year:

Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the fanclub! We will be celebrating this by posting photo’s video’s and memories from the past year on our facebook group and some of it here. Each month we highlight another year starting in 2007. You can also join the fun and dig up your old photo’s, video’s and memories from the past 10 year of Neil and the fanclub to post it next year when we launch the celebrations. If you are one of the few that doesn’t have facebook but still want to sent us your photo’s etc to be posted on this blog, you can send it to the usual address:

Further we’re looking into the possibilities of another fan meeting to celebrate the 10th anniversary, subscribe to this blog to keep updated about any events.

Sadly next year there won’t be much or any solo shows by Neil, because Neil is touring with Chris de Burgh. So if you want to see him play live and say hi to him after the shows check the Chris de Burgh website for touringdates.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a hugh thank you to Eva who is running the facebookgroup with never ending enthusiasm and perserverance and always has some new ideas lined up for the fanclub. Thank you Eva, i couldn’t do without your help! Then i want to thank all the fans old and new that stick by Neil and the fan club and for their great taste in music! And a special thank you to the street team members who joined us in our monthly missions on social media for taking the extra effort to support Neil and his music.

And last but least a massive thanks to Neil and his bandmembers Chuck and Gwenael for performing brilliantly everytime no matter how many people show up at a show. A joy to watch and listen to.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Rock on to 2017!

Winny xx

Here’s a message from the man himself:

Hi everyone & Merry Xmas. This year seems to have gone by so quickly, still working on the new album though not that hard i must say. I have been trying to find my feet since Steve Torch left us over a year ago now. He was an integral part of my sound & song content. I miss him very much as a friend & a great songwriting partner. Recently i have started enjoying writing lyrics again which i haven’t done in many years since the Dogwood days. It’s a slow process but i’m liking it more & more.
This year was taken up with the release of ‘Your Very Own Rock Star’ & writing an 80’s album with Chris Goulstone for library music..Radio/TV music etc. Chris mixed ‘Your Very Own Rock Star’ he did a great job as he comes from the rock side of music & is a fantastic guitar player in his own right, it’s been a pleasure working with him & i’m sure we will continue to work together on my new album & other projects. ‘Your Very Own Rock Star’ is my favourite video to date. I really enjoyed dressing up & being an alter ego..Expect much more of this from me when new album is released.
I’d like to thank Winny & Eva for all their hard work with the fan club & their continued support. You have kept me going when i sometimes feel like quitting…I sometimes feel since being a solo artist it hasn’t been a bed of roses & a lot of hard work for hardly any pay off for all involved. 2018 should see the release of my new album as next year i’m on tour with Chris De Burgh. I hope find a good record label that will release it. It will be the strongest album yet half the album which was written with Steve..Some on my own & some co written with Stefan Trenker. There is a great ballad which Steve & i started writing but couldn’t finish..We gave it to Stefan & after Steve passed he sent me it back with a idea for a new chorus which instigated me to finish it. It ended up being about loved ones passing over. It’s the most beautiful song.
I’d like to thank Gwen [Gwenael Damman] for all is hard work recording the album & putting up with my indecisiveness so far. Gwen is also the perfect bass player for my band, both Gwen & Chuck Sabo have stuck with me. Also a thank you to Christian Einheller for stepping in to fill Chuck’s drumming shoes.

Thank you to Hardy at Pixel Design for his continuing support hosting my website. he has done a great job over the last 5 years!

We hope to have a fan meeting next year..If we can find venue & date around The CdeB tour.. Possibly in the Cologne area again!

Love Neil X