Mr. and Mrs. Taylor congratulations!

After many years being together Neil and his beloved Sachi tied the knot on september 3. What a wonderful day! Both me and Eva were privileged to be there as one of the guests on their special day. A very nice ceremony at the guildhall in Bath with lots of family and friends. Sachi was given away by her son Jack, and Neil and Sachi’s son Johnny Ray gave them the rings. They all looked very sharp dressed with a nice purple flower corsage and Sachi was just stunning in her beautiful white dress with silver beadings.

The reception and party was all very well organised by their friend Valerie who done a brilliant job! Maybe we can ask her to organise the next fan meeting…hehe.

Reception and party was held at a very nice setting in the beautiful garden of their friend Tanya Lock who also was the official photographer of the day. See photo’s below! Their best man Dean and maid of honour Valerie both held a lovely speech and also Neil had a great speech with a lot of humor in it. You can read their speeches here

Neil even surprised the wedding guests at the party evening by playing some of his songs with Chuck Sabo on drums and Chris Gouldstone on bass. Family and friends from nearby and far away celebrated this with them.

There was a lot of music, dancing, drink, fun and laughter, even the rain couldn’t make this a bad day.

The book with wedding messages made by lots of fans was one of the many presents given, to be unpacked and read on a later day i’m sure. On behalf of Neil and Sachi everyone who contributed to the book a massive Thank You! Neil let me know that he thought the book was great!

Here are some of the general pages of the book.


Official and guest photo’s of the wedding can be found here  

What is in the planning for later in the year?

Neil is going to give 2 shows in Germany and one in Switzerland the beginning of december. Check for all the dates and tickets here! 

And just to give you a heads up….the fanclub is celebration its 10 anniversary!! That calls for a celebration! Check this page for updates!


Keep on rocking everyone!

Winny x