News, tour and fan meeting

Hi Everyone,

The air is buzzing since Neil started his tour in Austria a week ago.
His first band show in Germany was a great success and hopefully this will lead to more rocking band shows in Germany and other countries as well.
A new tour is being planned for February 2015.

New album release date.
The release date for Neil’s live/acoustic album is set as well: January 26th 2015…….. Yes that’s Neil’s birthday indeed! So we have a double celebration coming up!

Fan meeting
And if thats not enough to get buzzed about, we have even more and exciting news:
Neil is doing more shows and workshops this month in Germany and we have a special fan meeting in Cologne at the Hard Rock café planned on Tuesday 25th of November 2014!
If you’re a die hard fan for years or a newbie it doesn’t matter you’re all very welcome!

So whats the plan? We all meet up before the show at the hard rock cafe in Cologne between 6 and 9 pm on the 25th of November, preferably wearing a Neil Taylor t shirt of course 😉 it’s an informal meet up between fans, an opportunity to meet other fans and catch up. There’s no entry fee for this of course!

But there’s more: For this special occasion Neil is giving the opportunity for a limited number of fans to be present during the soundcheck before the show in Cologne. The soundcheck will be somewhere between 7:30 and 9 pm.
If you want to be part of this unique opportunity for the soundcheck please send an email with the subject: soundcheck cologne to add your full name and telephone number where we can reach you on the day itself if we know more about the time of the soundcheck.
I hope to see a lot of you there!

Send in your questions for exclusive Interviews. 

You can still send in questions for the interview we are doing on camera with Neil. You have only one week to send them in, so don’t wait to long.

Neil Taylor with band (photo credits: Eva Toroczkay)

Then for our topic: People around Neil, we also want to do an interview (by email) with Neil’s band members; Chuck Sabo  who plays the drums (left on the photo) and Gwenael Damman who plays bass guitar (right on the photo). You can also send in questions for them! All questions can be send to: and don’t forget to enter in the subject of the email: questions for …..

Deadline for the questions for Neil’s interview (on camera) is 21 November 2014

Deadline for the question for Chuck and Gwenael is 20 December 2014.

Rock on!

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