Neil’s Blog – October 2014

Hi everyone, it’s been a while.
Those of you that came to my recorded Essen show in May will be happy to know that i will be using about 8 of the songs for my next acoustic album. There will also be 8 recorded acoustic studio tracks that Steve & i are in the process of writing and recording. I’m enjoying this album immensely as there is no pressure writing radio friendly songs but having said that there are one or two very strong tracks. This album will only be sold at website & maybe itunes, not sure of the title yet.

I’m looking forward to my band shows in November in Austria and Germany. I hope to have more interesting news before the end of the year.
I have only 2 solo acoustic shows at the end of November and have no plans to do any more for the foreseeable future…This is not saying i won’t be doing anymore there but i want to concentrate on band shows.

With kind regards

Neil Taylor